Insight Into How Your Students Think and How They Perceive Your Course

Mid-semester student feedback sessions are available for instructors who want to assess and improve their teaching during the semester. A consultant will confer with the instructor by email, phone or in person before the feedback session to identify the instructors’ course goals and specific questions or concerns. The instructor will leave the class for 20-30 minutes and the consultant will elicit the feedback process by asking students to form small groups to answer the following questions before sharing findings with the class:

1) What do you think helps you learn best in this course?

2) What specific recommendations for improvement would you like to make?

Responses will be reported out to the entire class. The consultant will summarize the students’ input and meet with the instructor before the next class session. Together they will review the student feedback and develop a plan for responding to student concerns and suggestions. The process does not require instructors to make changes, but they often chose to do so. Instructors can also request variations of this model.

How Schedule a Mid-Semester Student Feedback Session

To schedule a mid-semester student feedback session, please contact Patti Stewart at