2017-18 Lilly Fellowship Coordinators and Fellows

Teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do here at Michigan State University. Lilly Fellows explore and execute a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project.  Now all MSU academics who have significant teaching experience are welcome to apply.


All tenure-system and fixed-term faculty and academic staff with five years or more of experience teaching at MSU are encouraged to apply. The group will consist of up to six fellows who will focus on planning, developing, and executing a SoTL project. A stipend will be given to each fellow to support project dissemination of their SoTL project.

The Lilly Fellows meet monthly throughout the academic year.

The application deadline is in April of each year.


The Lilly Teaching Fellows Program began in 1991 and served as “an opportunity to engage in a year-long exploration of the robust scholarship on effective practices in University teaching. The Lilly Fellows Program is designed to support Fellows who will become future faculty leaders and models for their peers as well as to inspire a broad range of faculty at all ranks to pursue excellence in teaching.” In answer to the demand for a similar program for non-tenure-system academics, the Walter and Pauline Adams Academy for Instructional Excellence and Innovation was created in 2008.

During 2016, the Academic Advancement Network undertook explorations to re-envision both the Lilly and Adams Fellowships offered for many years through the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development.  The exploratory conversations included a number of campus stakeholders, including former Lilly and Adams fellows. In our conversations, we learned that both programs are valuable to the campus community, an outcome consistent with past program evaluations. We also identified opportunities to strengthen each program for individual participants and for the larger campus culture with regard to learning and teaching. In 2017-18, both programs became available to all academics who have significant teaching responsibilities, regardless of appointment type.

2018-19 Lilly Fellowship Call and Application

Call and Application Form

The following documents must be submitted for consideration. Deadline is April 30, 2018. Please submit your completed application packet to the AAN office: Attn: Patti Stewart, Academic Advancement Network, 426 Auditorium Road, Room 308, East Lansing, MI 48824

  1. Completed application sheet
  2. A brief description of the proposed teaching project (one page). The project proposal should briefly identify the project goal and rationale, instructional context, project methodology, and approach(s) to assess attainment of the project goal.   Please include the significance of the project for the individual, unit and/or disciplinary advancement of teaching and learning. To request additional information, contact Patti Stewart at ps@msu.edu.
  3. Completed budget plan proposal that outlines how funds will be used, including any course release time negotiated with the chair, director or dean. This must be signed by the applicant and their supervisor.
  4. Three letters of support:
    1. One letter from the applicant’s lead chair, director, or dean
    2. One letter from the proposed mentor
    3. One letter from additional faculty, academic staff or graduate student
  5. Personal Statement: A one-page statement from the nominee that describes their reasons for seeking the Lilly Fellowship and provides evidence of interest in ongoing instructional improvement and/or the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
  6. Curriculum vitae.
  7. Description of annual course load and advising responsibilities.
  8. A list of courses taught at MSU, detailing size and type (graduate, undergraduate major, non-major) as well as annual course load and advising responsibilities.