Research & Scholarship

The Research and Scholarship Node addresses an array of issues related to building and sustaining impactful research, scholarship programs, and creative activities, with an eye toward the MSU land-grant mission to advance knowledge and transform lives.

We offer consultations with individuals and departments and workshops in collaboration with other academic units to help you develop and sustain your unique contributions and perspectives for the enrichment and transformation of the University and beyond. Some of the areas we address are listed below.

Research Development

  • Establishing a research agenda
  • Establishing a team/group
  • Nuts & bolts of funding acquisition
  • Establishing interdisciplinary collaborations

Research Cultivation

  • Mentoring a team/group
  • Mentoring for faculty/academic staff researchers
  • Mentoring (from a leader’s perspective)
  • Funding needs, strategy, and management
  • Development of research implementation/accountability framework
  • Research/scholarship communication or dissemination strategies

Integrating Research and other Career Domains

  • Research-related or research-supporting outreach and engagement
  • Strategic service – related to research and for leadership development