The series of lunch meetings for women chairs, school directors, and associate deans from non-departmentally organized colleges will continue this fall. Women who direct academic programs similar to departments/schools are also invited to join the group this year. These lunches are designed to be informal gatherings to allow for discussion, peer mentoring and problem-solving. There is no set agenda for the lunches and our hope is these events will provide an opportunity for you to network with other women in similar positions across campus.

Chris Hogan, Chair of Accounting and Information Systems and Pamela Ruegg, Chair of Animal Science have graciously agreed to serve as hosts for these informal gatherings.

Please find a few thoughts below from Chris Hogan regarding her experience with these lunches:
I enjoy and regularly attend the lunches for women chairs and directors for a number of reasons. I was a new department chair two years ago, and it was helpful to have a group of thoughtful leaders outside of my college with which to discuss issues in an informal setting as I was dealing with them. Perspectives from other colleges were very helpful, and I often learned alternative ways of approaching difficult conversations, or regular chair duties such as recruiting and annual evaluations. The lunches also provide an opportunity to meet with colleagues outside of my college, and to learn more about the university as a whole. Finally, since I put the lunches on my calendar in advance, it was a great reminder to get out of the office and interact with others outside of my department rather than eating lunch at my desk!


  • All lunches still take place from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m., however, we have switched up the location of the fall events, see below.  Boxed lunches will be ordered in from Panera.
  • Email invitations will be sent. Reminder emails will still be sent out to the entire group before each event in case your schedule changes. Our office will follow up with those able to attend a few days before each lunch to secure your order.

Fall 2019 Dates

  • Tuesday, September 24 – Hannah Administration Building, Room 309AB
  • Friday, October 18 – Hannah Administration Building, Room 309AB
  • Thursday, November 14 – Hannah Administration Building, Room 309AB
  • Wednesday, December 11 – Administration Building, Room 437