Does the Academic Advancement Network support my work?

The Academic Advancement Network (AAN) supports MSU academic colleagues of all appointment types, career stages, and roles. Specifically, we serve all tenure system and fixed-term faculty, academic staff, and academic administrators.

Read more in the About section.

What is the history of the Academic Advancement Network?

Building on the foundation of the former Office of Faculty and Organizational Development, the AAN was formed in August, 2016.  We evolved and broadened the scope of the work to focus on academics across all appointment types, disciplines and career stages.   Please read about our values and mission on the About page.

What happened to the events formerly led by F&OD?

The Academic Advancement Network evolved from the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development (F&OD for short). While some of the programs have been discontinued, many are continuing in updated and/or expanded forms with new names. These include:

Former Names:

  • LEAD (LEadership and ADministrator Sessions)


  • Conversations with MSU Leaders (interactive discussions with the President, Provost, Executive Vice President for Administrative Services, and other administrators)

Former Name:

  • Survive and Thrive in the MSU Tenure System


  • Thriving in the Tenure System I: Articulating Your Scholarly Identity Through a Strong Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Packet
  • Thriving as an Academic Specialist at MSU
  • Thriving as a Fixed-Term Faculty Member at MSU
  • Thriving in the Tenure System II: Transitioning from Associate Professor to Professor

Former Name:

  • New Faculty Orientation


  • New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation

Former Name:

  • Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)


  • Learning Communities (LCs)
I started working as a faculty member at MSU after the annual orientation in August. What resources are available to me?

First, welcome!

Second, be sure to check out our Orientation pages for:

  1. New Employee Checklist
  2. Videos for background into MSU
  3. Syllabus Checklist

Third, you are welcome to attend seminars and workshops that happen throughout the year. We will send you email invitations to these events. You may also see a range of professional development activities at MSU on our Events Calendar.

Fourth, we will send an invitation to you to attend the next New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation session.

Fifth, feel free to contact us at (517) 432-1185 if you have further questions.

Does the Academic Advancement Network provide online modules for courses or certifications of completion?

Not at this time, but we are considering some online modules related to leadership development.  Through HR, the ElevateU platform does provide online content (courses, videos, books) on a variety of topics ranging from IT skills, human resources, leadership, and more.

How do I find an event?

Please visit our Events Calendar and filter by any number of topics. You may also search using our tailored search tool, by topic, academic role type, etc.

Registration information is located on each page of the calendar.

How do I know which events are appropriate for me to attend?

Please refer to our events calendar. The target audience for each event is listed on the page.

Is there a cost for consultations through Academic Advancement Network?

All consultations conducted by members of the Academic Advancement Network staff are free of charge.   We occasionally refer to outside consultants, who may require a fee.

Who do I contact regarding support for preparing grants and help with grant writing?