February 2, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Jessica Knott

Promotional image: MSU Instructional Technology Awards: Enter by February 2. attawards.msu.edu, cosponsored by MSU IT; the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, and the Academic Advancement Network

2018 AT&T Faculty-Staff Instructional Technology Awards Entry Information


Individual MSU faculty, instructors, teaching assistants and staff, or teams of faculty and staff, are eligible to submit innovations in credit-bearing MSU courses they have developed and offered at least once between summer 2017 and spring 2018 to this competition. Three first place awards will be given – one for best online course, one for best blended course, and one for best use of technology to enhance an online, blended, flipped, or in-person course. (Note: There can only be one entry per course. Applicants must choose one of these three competition categories for their entry.) Up to four honorable mentions may also be awarded from any combination of the three categories.


Award recipients will be selected based upon nominations from the campus community. Self nomination is preferred though not required because completing a nomination requires detailed knowledge of and access to the developed materials. Nominations will be peer-reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff, which shall give due regard to MSU’s commitment to diversity and accessibility, as well as the university’s commitment to outstanding instruction and effective design and technology integration. The 2018 entry form identifies required sections for a course submission or innovation submission and clarifies general criteria judges will consider in selecting the winners. On the form, applicants should be sure to select the category in which they wish to compete (online course, blended course, or specific technology innovation).

Visit the MSU-ATT Awards website for more information and to enter.