The MSU Teaching Community Comes Together for the Second Annual Teaching & Learning Spring Conference

On a campus as large as ours, there is always something interesting happening. Traditionally, the week between spring and summer semesters tends to be the most ideal time to offer programs for instructors that focus on professional and instructional development.

Toward a More Inclusive Classroom: A Few Tips

MSU is committed to providing a learning environment for students free of harassment and discrimination. Educators often ask for tips or best practices they can implement in their classrooms.

As we begin the Spring 2018 semester,

Leadership: Johannes Bauer

Throughout the year, I plan to use the Leadership Blog to highlight the work of mid-level administrators. In meetings with focus groups, I have learned that many academics on our campus (tenure system and fixed-term faculty,

Leadership: Department Executive Officer Seminar

The Leadership Blog series will highlight topics related to leadership development at MSU.  Posts will provide brief, timely information on featured events, as well as some longer stories highlighting the efforts of leaders across a range of positions on this campus.

Welcome to the new AAN website!

We hope you will find it both visually appealing and highly functional. We have added current material highlighting the work across our four nodes, which are devoted to Academic Career Paths,