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Late Career Symposium Resources

These resources are about the later academic career and retirement.

Research Orientation

Research Orientation
Research Orientation is designed to provide relevant policies regarding research at MSU to incoming faculty and academic staff.

  • Institutional Policy
  • Office of Regulatory Affairs
  • Research integrity and responsible conduct of research
  • How the MSU Libraries can support your research


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Technology Orientation

Technology Orientation
The MSU Libraries and IT Services hold a hands-on introduction to technology resources available for Michigan State University faculty and academic staff.


  • Electronic Resources
  • Where to get help and support for technology on campus
  • Library Research Services
  • Creating Digital Experiences
  • Data Management for Research
  • Library Teaching and Learning Services
  • High Performance Computing
  • Technology you can expect in university classrooms (e.g.,

Examples of Reflective Essays by College (Professor)

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

College of Arts & Letters

College of Business

College of Communication Arts and Sciences

College of Education

Thriving in the Tenure System II: Transitioning from Associate to Full Professor

Event Overview

This program is designed for and open to all Associate Professors in the Tenure System. This workshop is designed to

  • Clarify process expectations for attaining the rank of Full Professor in the Tenure System
  • Anticipate the opportunities and challenges
  • Inform mid-career decision-making and experiences
  • Review the process,

Spring Conference on Learning, Teaching, and Student Success

Spring Conference on Learning, Teaching and Student Success, May 4-7, 2020

Each May, we host a conference of MSU educators that showcases innovative teaching ideas and fosters a dynamic community of all who enhance the experiences of students,