Consistent with good practice in professional development, the Academic Advancement Network (AAN) has posted our policies online to support our mission and to clarify our principles of practice. Our policies also serve to answer commonly asked questions about our programs and services.

Our policies and principles of practice are consistent with MSU institutional guidelines and the guidelines of professional and organizational developers nationally. For more information about these guidelines, visit these websites at:

Michigan State University’s Human Resources Webpage for Faculty & Academic Staff (external link)

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education’s Website (external link)

Publication of Participant Lists/Photographs/Recordings

AAN programs and events are considered public. Therefore, participation in these events is not considered confidential. At many AAN events, participant lists are distributed to those who attend and photos of participants may be taken for publicity purposes. Please contact AAN in advance at (517) 432-1185 if you wish to have your name omitted from participant lists and/or your image excluded from photos and/or recordings.

Reporting of Unlawful Activity

If AAN staff members learn of activity that is illegal or inconsistent with university policies, we are obligated to report such information to the appropriate University office. AAN staff follow the reporting policies and procedures outlined by MSU’s Office of Institutional Equity and advice of the Office of the General Counsel.


Eligibility varies for specific AAN programs and services.  Although we endeavor to have an open environment that is accessible to all, it is sometimes appropriate to limit participation in selected programs to individuals with specified roles and responsibilities. In some cases, it is to enable individuals to speak with peers who share their common concerns. In other cases, limitations are due to fiscal constraints in a large public university. Please contact our office or consult our website for information regarding eligibility and to request exceptions to the requirements.

Accommodations and Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

We are committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services, and activities. Accommodations for persons with disabilities can be requested by contacting us at (517) 432-1185 one week prior to an event.  Requests received after this date will be honored whenever possible.


AAN does not generally charge individual members of the MSU community for programs and services. For participants who are not members of the MSU community there may be a fee. Cost-sharing with units/departments may be necessary to support larger-scale projects.

Assessment of AAN Programs and Services

AAN is committed to ongoing improvement through valid and reliable methods of assessment. Many programs and services include requests for input and feedback on the quality of the event. We appreciate your taking the time to complete these evaluations. Some evaluations may involve satisfaction measures and/or self-assessment related to program content. These assessments are designed to be confidential and anonymous, although participants may provide their name and contact information if they desire follow-up from AAN. This is not meant to be an invasion of privacy, but is intended to develop metrics that assess the impact of our efforts.


If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact AAN Coordinator, Juli Wade, at