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2017 Research Orientation

This session was a collaboration between the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and the Academic Advancement Network.

2017 Research Orientation Materials

2017 New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation

On August 22, 2017, new faculty and academic staff gathered at the Kellogg Center for New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientations. Equivalent sessions were run in the morning and afternoon in 2017,

New Administrator Orientation

Each August, in collaboration with Academic Human Resources, we host an orientation for administrators who are new to their roles or new to the university.

New Academics Picnic

New Academics Picnic

Join the Academic Advancement Network, WorkLife Office of MSU, and Residential and Hospitality Services in welcoming new faculty and academic staff and their families to Michigan State University. 

Active Shooter and Emergency Response Training


In response to incidents of violence on campuses nationally, the MSU Police Department offers a workshop to focused on proactive and reactive strategies in the event of an emergency at MSU.

Research Orientation

Research Orientation
Research Orientation is designed to provide relevant policies regarding research at MSU to incoming faculty and academic staff.

  • Institutional Policy
  • Office of Regulatory Affairs
  • Research integrity and responsible conduct of research
  • How the MSU Libraries can support your research


Check our calendar for the next session,

Technology Orientation

Technology Orientation
The MSU Libraries and IT Services hold a hands-on introduction to technology resources available for Michigan State University faculty and academic staff.


  • Electronic Resources
  • Where to get help and support for technology on campus
  • Library programs and other tools for research and teaching
  • MSU’s centrally-supported learning management systems
  • Instructional support tools for submitting grades and retrieving class lists
  • How to participate in seminars and hands-on learning opportunities specifically for faculty
  • Technology you can expect in university classrooms (e.g.,

Teaching and Learning Boot Camp

Effective Teaching and Learning Boot Camp

This introductory workshop offered each fall is designed to help faculty and academic staff who are relatively new to teaching to prepare for their courses and to work with students.

Quick Start to Teaching for Student Success: MSU Policies

Quick Start to Teaching for Student Success: MSU Policies

Two times a year-once in the late Spring and once in August, we offer a Quick Start to give educators, especially those new to MSU,