Cohort Groups


Learning Communities

  • Leadership Learning Communities (LLCs)
    • Leadership Learning Communities (LLCs) focus on topics relevant to academic leadership and are open to academic administrators and faculty who wish to pursue formal and informal leadership roles.


Seminars & Workshops

  • Administrator Briefings: Conversations with the President and Provost
    • During both Fall and Spring Semesters, the President and the Provost each meet with MSU academic administrators (deans, directors, chairs, and executive managers) to promote ongoing communication and to discuss current issues, challenges and opportunities.
  • Leadership and Administrator Seminar Series (LEADs)
    • LEAD workshops are designed for deans, chairs, directors, and executive managers to promote ongoing communication among academic administrators, provide leadership development opportunities, and support campus leaders in their efforts to foster organizational change in their units.
  • Informal Workshops for Administrators: Skills, Processes & Policies
    • These sessions take place throughout the year and offer opportunities for conversations on topics pertinent to academic leaders. Hosted by Juli Wade, these discussions will involve MSU panelists with experience in particular topics and will allow ample time for participants to ask questions




-Strategic Visioning                -Performance Review
-Strategic Planning                  -Change Management
-Climate and Culture               -Program Review
-Meeting Planning                   -Meeting Facilitation