Diversity Consultants

The AAN Diversity Consultants are crucial members of the Network’s planning team.  They meet regularly with the node leaders to discuss the AAN’s evolving curriculum, proposed projects, and future directions.  Their incisive questions and innovative ideas help ensure that the Network supports career advancement for academics across the full spectrum of disciplinary, intellectual, cultural, and demographic diversity on our campus.

Dorinda Carter Andrews                  Dorinda Carter Andrews
Assistant Dean, Equity Outreach Initiatives
Associate Professor,
     Department of Teacher Education
College of Education
Michigan State University
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Kalyanmoy Deb photo                   Kalyanmoy Deb
Koenig Endowed Chair and Professor,
     Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
     Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science and Engineering
College of Engineering
Michigan State University
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Gordon Henry                    Gordon Henry
Professor of American Indian Literature, Department of English
Professor of Creative Writing, and the Creative Process,
     Center of Integrative Arts and Humanities
College of Arts and Letters
Michigan State University
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Ricardo Lorenz                   Ricardo Lorenz
Chair of Composition
Professor of Composition
College of Music
Michigan State University
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Melissa McDaniels                   Melissa McDaniels
Assistant Dean, Graduate School
Director, Teaching Assistant Program 
Michigan State University
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Yimin Xiao                   Yimin Xiao
Professor, Department of Statistics and Probability
College of Natural Science
Michigan State University
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