Who are we?

AAN is a unit within the Office of the Provost that facilitates cross-institutional connections among individuals and entities in support of the advancement of academic careers.

Whom do we serve?

We serve academics of every rank, appointment type, and career stage.

How do we do our work?

  • Create and offer programs and resources
  • Promote the resources that others offer
  • Partner to provide programs and resources best done in collaboration


How are we organized?

The Academic Advancement Network is organized around four nodes, each covering a topic that is crucial to the development of the careers of faculty and academic staff.  A committee of AAN Diversity Consultants supports our focus on inclusion, diversity, access, and engagement, which is infused throughout our activities.
Advancing academic careers through inclusive, collaborative, and experiential learning.
The Teaching and Learning Node is helping MSU develop both a core of shared learning goals for teacher learning and robust communities of practice. Click here to read more.
The Research and Scholarship Node addresses an array of issues related to building and sustaining impactful research and scholarship programs. Click here to read more.
The Academic Career Paths Node supports academics striving to create meaningful and productive professional and personal lives across the arc of a career. Click here to read more.
The Leadership Development Node focuses on two broad areas: facilitation for current campus leaders and cultivation of future leaders. Click here to read more.